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Argital products contain

  1. Green Clay, either in powder or gel form. The gel in clay is the water-soluble component in the green clay. It is rich in minerals and trace elements.
  2. Pure essential oils
  3. Pure plant-based oils
  4. Demeter certified
  5. Medicinal plants, certified organic or wild-crafted
  6. Pure natural source water
  7. Natural minerals
  8. Plant-based emulsifiers and foaming agents
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Distinctive Characteristics in Argital Cosmetics

Sensitive crystallization is a qualitative analytical method that detects the presence of vital life-giving forces in foods and cosmetics. This test was developed by Ehrenfried Pfeiffer with advice from Rudolf Steiner.

A small botanical garden has been created in the area of their headquarters, where medicinal plants are grown using biodynamic methods, in order to deepen their studies, continue the research and enrich education.

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Hypoallergenic Line

An innovative range of high quality natural cosmetics, combining violet exctract with Green Clay Gel, and without essential oils. This very delicate line of products is ideal to treat various problems and unbalanced skin. Argital’s hypoallergenic range of products can also be used as basic range for everyone.

The hypoallergenic products can be used in the following order :

  1. Remove Make-up / Cleanse
    Violet Cleansing Milk 100 ml (morning and night)
  2. Tone
    Violet Invigorating Toner 100 ml (soothes and regenerates , morning and night )
  3. Moisturize
    Violet Cream 50 ml (morning/A.M. care)
  4. Nourish
    Violet Oil Lotion 50 ml (night /P.M. care)

Allergen Free Line

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