Frownies for the corners of eyes & mouth (144 pieces)

Corner of Eyes (Crow's Feet)Wrinkles

Frownies, Facial Patches, For Foreheads & Between Eyes, 144 Patches


144 pieces

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Corner of Eyes (Crow’s Feet)Wrinkles
Lines around the eyes start as dry skin that loses its’ elasticity and progress to creases in the muscles at the corner of the eyes.

If you see wrinkles starting to appear at the corners of your eyes be proactive; moisturize religiously and smooth the skin with Frownies Corner of Eyes and Mouth Facial Patch*. Before crow’s feet become deep stop them with anti-wrinkle treatment and skin moisturizer Immune Perféct and FROWNIES’ Facial Patch. 144 FACIAL PATCHES PER BOX

Crow’s feet that have been there some time and are deep into the muscle where you can feel the wavy muscle need to be separated by gently lifting the cheek and applying a CEM patch over the smoothed out skin. Apply the patch and leave it on at least three hours, but over night is best. After removing the patch in the morning Immune Shield is a wrinkle softening vitamin E serum to build back skin integrity.

Natural Weighted Unbleached Craft Paper, Dextrin (Corn) based adhesive.
The paper is unbleached and colored to create a specific weight. The paper also allows the skin to breathe and maintain its normal restoration at night while you sleep. Paper can also be cut and tailored to your specific shape and needs. We have tested a variety of materials and paper is the safest and healthiest for the skin on the face.

Dextrin based adhesive is hypo allergenic, Non- GMO,and has been used by many gluten sensitive people. If you have sensitive skin we recommend you test the patch on your wrist the first night to see if your skin reacts in any way.

FAQ – Questions & Answers:

Q: Why are the patches paper?
A: Paper lets the skin breath; it does not occlude the skin or cause it to suffocate skin cell as plastic on the skin does.
Q: Do I have to use Frownies every night?
A: We recommend using Frownies every night for 30 nights to receive lasting results. After you have trained your facial muscles, you should wear Frownies a minimum of three to four days a week in order to maintain proper facial posture. Fine lines can be smoothed in less than 30 nights and often only need 3-4 nights every 6 weeks to maintain wrinkle free skin.
Q: Do Frownies really work?
A:We have been in the facial pad business since 1889 – 125 years in 2014, with guaranteed results.
Q: Sometimes the patch leaves a redness on my skin at the edges what am I doing wrong?
A: When you smooth out and open a wrinkle be careful not to over stretch the skin, if this happens use Immune Perfect moisturizer and it will quickly fade.
Q: The patch is a little too large is it okay to cut it to a smaller size?
A: Yes. Trim the edges down to a size that is comfortable for you.
Q: Does the shiny backing peel off?
A: No. The shiny backing is a natural, dry, adhesive that is water activated. Simply moisten the shiny side with Frownies Rose Water Hydrating Spray
Q:I am having trouble making the patch stick what am I doing wrong?
A: Make sure you are applying the patch to freshly washed skin without any heavy night creams. The patch could also be a little too wet or not wet enough. Do not hold the patch under running water. If using the Rose Water Hydrating spray one pump is usually sufficient. Spreading it around with your finger is also helpful.
Q: Can I use my night creams with the patches?
A:Most creams will interfere with the patches adhering to the skin. If trying the patches with your cream make sure you allow at least 15 minutes absorption time before applying the patch.
Q: Can I use the patches with retinol and retinol a creams?
A:Frownies patches can be used with these products with caution. Retinol and Retinol A creams can cause peeling and irritation to the skin. Do not use Frownies patches if your skin is already irritated or peeling.
Q: Will the ingredients in the patches react with my other products?
A: No.
Q: What are the active ingredients in the patches?
A: There are no active ingredients. The results are due to a muscular response to the Frownies patches working like a splint on the skin retraining the muscles to lie in a smooth flat position again.
Q: Do the patches have to be used with the Rose Water Hydrator and Immune Perfect in order to get results?
A: The overall results will be better and faster when used with the recommended products; however you will still get great results using the Frownies patches by themselves.
Q: Can the Frownies patches be used on the neck?
A: Frownies paper patches are not designed for the neck area. We recommend using our Frownies Immune Shield Whole Vitamin E Serum on the neck as well as our Immune Perfect Hydrating Gel Cream.
Q:Are they gluten free/vegan?
A: Yes! All Frownies products are gluten free and natural!
Q: What is the shelf life of the Frownies patches?
A: The Frownies patches will keep indefinitely as long as they are kept dry.
Q: Will I damage my skin from wearing them too often?
A: No. Frownies patches are safe and all natural. However, it is good to know your skin and always be aware of any irritations that occur and respond accordingly.
Q: What if the edges are peeling up?
A:There is no need to be concerned with the edges peeling up as long as the rest of the patch is secure on the skin.
Q: Can they be used on a saggy jaw line?
A: Frownies patches are not designed for saggy jaw line; however, our natural anti aging product line will be very useful in bringing back that youthful appearance and resilience to loose skin.

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